Shadow Yoga

“I often hear you in my head, speaking some of your wisdom, which may have not made sense to me at the time, but it’s there for me when I need it. You gave us so much - well beyond the physical.”
Jenner, Balaclava VIC, Nov 2018.

“The quality of teaching was excellent. Thorough, yet well-paced and slow enough for a newcomer. Thank you ever so much.”
Anon., Bermagui NSW, Jan 2019.

“After classes at Apsara Yoga Shala I always walk away feeling positive and strong, both physically and emotionally. The classes are challenging, but empowering in a way I have not experienced at other yoga studios. Rebecca’s knowledge of yogic philosophy flows through the lessons and makes the yoga relate to everyday life. I recommend Apsara Yoga Shala to people every time “yoga” comes up in conversation.”
Lauren, Bermagui NSW & Canberra ACT, Mar 2019.


“Doing prenatal yoga at Apsara Yoga Shala was one of my favourite activities during pregnancy. I left class feeling calm, centred and grounded. Rebecca had thoughtful modifications for the different stages of pregnancy and I felt safe the entire time. Thank you Rebecca!”
Ciara, Belconnen ACT, Sep 2019.

“Rebecca was teaching a prenatal class when I was pregnant. She was such an incredible teacher and this class became an integral part of my week, I would do anything not to miss it! Consequently, Rebecca ignited my passion for yoga and once my baby was born I attended her ‘Mums and Bubs’ class, and then eventually her [Shadow Yoga] Prelude class. Rebecca is a truly inspirational teacher.”
Karley, Balaclava VIC, May 2019.

Yoga for Schools

“Rebecca did a fantastic job at teaching the kids about the connection between mind and body, spiritual and personal growth. She hit our classroom focus dead on. She was fantastic with the kids, and was able to speak to them at their level. Her knowledge and love of yoga is evident. All of my students were engaged. I would highly recommend her.”
Meg King (Teacher - Radford College) Bruce ACT, Mar 2019.

“Rebecca ran a yoga session for my Year 3 class. Wow. She brings a beautiful, calm approach to her teaching, and in our short time together built genuine rapport with the students. They loved it. Rebecca has a real knack for marrying the philosophy to the practical, making the whole experience worth it on every level. We would welcome her back in a heartbeat!”
Craig Donaldson (Teacher - Radford College) Bruce ACT, Mar 2019.

“Rebecca had a very engaging approach towards teaching the students Yoga. The students were able to make clear connections between their minds/thoughts and their physical bodies. They were able to describe how they felt before, during, and after the session. Many students reported that they found some poses challenging and continued to practice them at home. I would highly recommend Rebecca and her program.”
Bec Shea (Teacher - Radford College) Bruce ACT, Mar 2019.