Yoga is a great way for young people to explore the connection between mind and body. A well-designed yoga practice can provide children and teens with tools to navigate their physical, mental, and emotional worlds with confidence and grace.

Apsara Yoga Shala provides yoga incursions designed specifically to engage children and teens in a meaningful and educational manner.

Apsara Yoga Shala teaches age-appropriate yoga classes in primary and secondary schools in the Belconnen district and surrounding areas. Incursions can be conducted on a one-off basis or as comprehensive, ongoing courses to complement the Personal Development, Health & Physical Education syllabus and Positive Education programs. Email or call for further information and to discuss the specific requirements of your school.

Primary School Programs:

  • Build bodily awareness with a focus on rhythm and coordination

  • Encourage a sense of fun and playfulness with yoga by exploring poses from the plant and animal kingdoms

  • Support classroom focus and academic learning through left-brain/right-brain activities

  • Introduce children to breath-awareness with tools to create calm and relaxation

Secondary School Programs:

  • Provide education on the mind-body complex

  • Build physical strength and flexibility

  • Provide practical tools to alleviate stress, tension, and fatigue

  • Focus on breath awareness with techniques to cultivate calm and relaxation

Benefits of yoga for school children and young adults:

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